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Meet the Admission Committee – Richmond Edition!

For the past few weeks the admission committee, comprising my colleagues and myself (14 of us in total, from admission counselors to the dean), has been in session. Our task has been to create the next class of Richmond Spiders by carefully considering and selecting from among the more than 10,000 applications we received this […]

Another reason I love the city of Richmond

Summertime is a great time in the River City. I already wrote a post about the many festivals that go on throughout the Richmond region; today I want to say a bit about the thing that gives the River City its nickname: the James River.

Why I love the city of Richmond

Okay, so there are actually too many reasons to cover in just one post. I think I’ll probably be doing a series of posts this summer detailing why I love this city so much – and the phenomenal weekend I just had is a great place to start. Before I go there, though, let me tell you my own story.

Fun times in the River City!

If you spend any time on our student diarist page, Spider Diaries, you have probably picked up on the incredible number of activities available to students in the Richmond metro area. Well, the summer is no exception to that rule. In fact, the summer is probably my favorite time of year—living in Richmond during the summer offers a virtual smorgasbord of exciting free events. It’s nothing short of fantastic.

I ride the bus to work now!

About a month ago I moved into Church Hill, a neighborhood just east of downtown Richmond. It’s a great location, and I love living in the city, having such close access to a huge range of restaurants, coffee shops, museums, parks, cultural events… (I could go on about how awesome Richmond is, but I’ll save that for another post.)