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Mythbusters: Selecting a Class

One of the most exciting (and daunting) tasks that admission offices face is selecting or creating a class. Each year, admission committees at selective colleges across the country are tasked with reviewing and considering thousands of applications in order to create a unique, exciting, and well-rounded incoming class for the next year. There are a […]

Mythbusters: Affordability and Socioeconomic Diversity

February 15 is the deadline for this year’s applicants to apply for financial aid at Richmond. Parents, make sure you’re on track to get the proper paperwork filled out – just follow the steps on our financial aid application timeline. But the financial aid deadline also provides me a great opportunity to speak to everyone […]

Mythbusters: Some Ranking/Guide Examples

If you haven’t read my most recent Mythbusters post, College Rankings and Guides, you may want to take a look at my general thoughts and conclusions before you look at the specific examples I cite here. The long and short is that I feel rankings and guides can be used as a tool, if they’re […]

Mythbusters: Rankings and Guides

Don’t worry — this isn’t going to be a rant or tirade or anything. I know college rankings tend to be a pretty hot topic, for a myriad of reasons; year after year, national media runs stories and op-eds calling attention to the rankings and their controversial nature. Philosophically, universities and admission offices often struggle […]

Mythbusters: Predicting College Admission

One of the most frustrating elements of the application process to those of us at selective institutions is the notion that admission can be predicted. From students asking about GPA all the time (see why it’s not a good question), to the “chancing” that goes on in certain online forums (cough-cough College Confidential cough-cough), to […]