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16 Reasons to Join Richmond’s Class of ’16

In each of the past few years, I’ve come up with a list of reasons admitted students should choose Richmond, with the length of the list equivalent to the last two digits of the class year. Three years ago, people raised their eyebrows at my notion of carrying on the practice annually; “Won’t that get […]

Meet the Admission Committee – Richmond Edition!

For the past few weeks the admission committee, comprising my colleagues and myself (14 of us in total, from admission counselors to the dean), has been in session. Our task has been to create the next class of Richmond Spiders by carefully considering and selecting from among the more than 10,000 applications we received this […]

For Those on the Fence

At this point in time, there’s probably not much more I can say here to convince you to apply to Richmond. You’ve likely decided one way or the other already – though, if you’re a high school senior visiting our site right now, perhaps you’re not quite decided yet. I’m guessing you’ve received lots of […]

15 Reasons to Join Richmond’s Class of ’15

We have twelve days to go until the national enrollment deadline of May 1. Many students have already made their college selection, but an equal or greater number are still weighing the final pieces. If Richmond is one of your top choices, here are 15 reasons you should consider joining our Class of 2015: #1. […]

Meet the Admission Committee

This week, the admission committee will begin to meet. Over the next few weeks, we’ll work through the meticulous, time-consuming process of creating a class. After months of reading applications, it’s finally time to get together and start making the tough decisions. One of the great things about the committee is that we all bring […]