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Mythbusters: GPA

Our average GPA is a 22.96.


We’re asked that question so frequently – “What’s your average GPA?” – that we thought we’d actually go ahead and calculate it. So we took all of the enrolled students in our current first-year class and averaged together all of the GPAs that their high schools reported to us last year. And the golden number came out to be 22.96.

Game Day Perspective

As an alumna, 18 year staff member, and the holder of football season tickets for 16 years, I have a long history with the University of Richmond. I was fortunate enough to make the 9 hour ride to Chattanooga last Friday to attend the game. I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with the class act that is University of Richmond.

Can’t stop thinking about the election? Neither can we.

It seems like this campaign season is never-ending. Months of hotly contested primaries followed by months of debates, radio advertisements, and yes, Saturday Night Live skits, have left many people politically exhausted. But aren’t you still a little excited?

The inside scoop on interviews

I’m so glad that you’re checking out the Admissions blog! Hopefully some of the previous blog entries have provided you with valuable information that might help you prepare for the college application and decision processes. I know information on inquiry email etiquette, resumé revision, and how to differentiate myself (and my application!) from the pool of thousands of other applicants was helpful as I prepared to apply to colleges four years ago. That is certainly hard to believe it was only four years ago! But lo and behold, my senior year is here.

Navigating your path to success – in college and life

So you’re at the point where college is right around the corner. You’re thinking of roommates, classes, new friendships, professors and moving away from home. I’m sure you’re also planning your first visit to the university’s career center. No?