Fall Early Decision 2012

Attention all Fall Early Decision applicants: keep an eye on your mailboxes. Decisions were mailed on Friday via the U.S. Postal Service, and they should be arriving soon.

Richmond maintains a traditional postal mail notification process, which means we don’t notify online or via e-mail (except for students living outside the United States, who receive e-mail notification). Which means, for most of you, that some good, old-fashioned mailbox stalking may be in order.

To all admitted students: Congratulations on behalf of the admission committee and the University community! This year’s Fall Early Decision pool was the most qualified and one of the largest in our history, and decisions were extremely difficult to make. You represent approximately one third of Richmond’s Class of 2017, the first big step in creating our next class, and you were selected carefully and individually for the myriad of accomplishments, talents, and experiences you’ll bring with you. You should be incredibly proud.

You’ll need to deposit by January 3 in order to secure your place in the class. In the meantime, be sure to visit our admitted student page and join the Class of 2017 Facebook group. Once we start receiving deposits, markers will start appearing on the Class of 2017 Google Map, so keep an eye on that, too. Finally, fill out this form to receive your official class t-shirt!

To students who have been deferred into the Regular Decision pool: Take a deep breath and regroup. There are two main reasons that we defer applications to RD. In the majority of cases, the committee simply wants to see these applications in the context of the entire applicant pool, before we make a final decision. In some cases, however, there may be something specific the committee wants to see – for example, your full first semester grades, if your first quarter grades were of concern or if you had a significant dip in your junior year and the committee wants to see a full semester’s recovery. Deferred students should feel free to contact their regional counselor and ask if there’s anything more they can do to improve their application in Regular Decision; just keep in mind that nine times out of ten, the answer will be no, the committee just wants to review your application in light of the whole applicant pool. Every year there are deferred students who are admitted in Regular Decision (though you are no longer bound by the ED contract, in that event).

Students who were not admitted are students that the committee felt would simply not be competitive in Regular Decision. We’re grateful for your interest in Richmond, but admission is highly selective, and we can only accommodate a small portion of applicants. If your heart remains set on Richmond beyond this application cycle, we encourage you to consider applying as a transfer student after a successful year at another institution; feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this option or even about what sort of curriculum to pursue in order to make your transfer application more competitive.

Questions? Post away!

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