Early Decision Decisions…

…are in the mail.

Actually, they left our office via the USPS on Friday. If you follow the URAdmission twitter feed (also available on our home page), you would have known the moment it happened. (Yes, that was a shameless plug.)

My colleagues and I know that we’re charged with making (oftentimes) life-altering decisions for students. We have a highly competitive applicant pool — this year’s ED pool was the largest and most competitive we’ve ever seen — so our charge is to select from among very many similarly qualified applicants. This is a difficult thing to do at times, but I work with a wonderful group of people, and I’m confident that we give each and every applicant full and fair consideration.

Those of you waiting for ED letters will be receiving one of three decisions. Here they are, with a little explanation (credit goes to my colleague Maria for some of the following language):

Accept. Congratulations! The admission committee determined that you are academically qualified to thrive in Richmond’s rigorous environment and, moreover, that your application demonstrated unique character, qualities, and accomplishments that we believe will contribute to building our unique community. Make sure to submit your deposit as soon as possible, check out our Accepted Students site, join the Facebook group, and watch the Google Map to see your hometown pop up when we receive your deposit!

Defer. This is not the end of the world. Take a moment to regroup and relax. A student’s application for Early Decision admission may be deferred to our regular decision pool for a couple of reasons. This is the perfect time for you to speak with your guidance counselor, parents, and admission officer. There may be something you can do to make your application more competitive in the regular decision pool. We are always happy to talk with you or your guidance counselor.

Deny. Sometimes the best decision for a student is to deny their application. We deny applications when we feel there is nothing the student can do to improve their chances of being admitted to Richmond. We want to give you the opportunity to get excited about other schools. In the future, if Richmond is still your first choice, you can always consider transferring. Again, we’re always available to talk to you, your family, or guidance counselor.

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