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By Tom

Richmond students are helping change the world every day. If you browse our website and take a look at the profiles you find, you’ll see many examples of alumni effecting change at local, regional, state, national, and international levels – whether as teachers or researchers, professional athletes or astronauts, community organizers or politicians. But students certainly don’t wait to graduate to begin making their mark. More than two-thirds of our students are involved in community service every year, engaging at every level from the metro Richmond area to volunteer work abroad.


Three Richmond seniors are gaining national attention right now for an innovative way that they dreamed up to help fight world hunger. Vladimir Hruda, Salmaan Ayaz, and David Whitehead partnered with Google to create a new search engine, which they’ve dubbed Hoongle. A Hoongle search is a Google search – except that, for every search you do through Hoongle, 20 grains of rice are donated to malnourished children through the UN World Food Program.

The New York Times ran a great article about Hoongle yesterday, so I’ll refrain from gushing and point you there for more information. I just wanted to highlight this on the blog, give a shout-out to Vlado, Salmaan, and David, and encourage all of you to make Hoongle your default search engine – I already have! – and tell everyone you know about it. It’s an easy way to make a difference, and it’s a great example of what Richmond students’ passion and innovation are accomplishing all the time.

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