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By Tom

Well, our first Realize Richmond day for accepted students was a great success! We had nearly 90 students and their families on campus yesterday, and despite some mixed weather (the day couldn’t seem to decide whether it wanted to be beautiful and sunny or pouring rain) we saw a lot of very excited potential Spiders. (See pictures below!) Those of you who attended, please do share your feedback with us – we are always looking to improve.

I hope that you’ll consider visiting campus if you’re an accepted student and it’s feasible for you to do so. There’s no better way of getting the information and perspective you need to make an informed decision than actually visiting campus and seeing what things are really like. The Realize Richmond days, as well as our Open House, are designed to give you a more in-depth experience than ever before. You’ll have the opportunity to meet professors, sit in on classes, tour various facilities, speak with current students, eat at least one meal in our dining hall, and ask your questions of panelists from every corner of campus (Study Abroad, Career Development, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Residence Life, Housing, and many more).

Our biggest event is definitely The Richmond Experience: Open House for Accepted Students, which will take place on Saturday, April 18. By far the broadest of our accepted student programs, the Open House is a full day of everything Richmond. The two remaining Realize Richmond events, which are great alternatives to the Open House, are on the two coming Mondays, April 13 and April 20. Any of these events will give you all the opportunities mentioned above, though the Open House will have the widest variety and depth of programming (we aren’t able to do quite as much on a weekday when the University is running, though there are some advantages to visiting on an ordinary class day).

To register for any of these events, visit our Accepted Students website (you’ll need the login and password information provided in your acceptance packet). If you can’t make it for one of the special events but still want to visit campus, we would love for you to do so. We’d be happy to meet with you, help you set up some class visits, and do everything we can to make your visit helpful and productive. Please contact our office ahead of time to let us know when you’ll be visiting. We look forward to having you on campus!

Students on the wait list sometimes wonder whether they should visit campus as well. We only encourage wait-listed students to visit if you still have to learn more or decide about Richmond – not if you’re seeking to express your interest to us (a phone call or e-mail would do just as well). Because of limited space, our Accepted Student events are open to accepted students only. Please see my post on the Wait List for more details.

Here are some pictures of our first Realize Richmond day!


Visitors were greeted by signs and smiling admission staff!


The day began with registration and class selection.


Visitors assembled in the Robins Center, home to our Spider basketball teams.


Accepted students and families were greeted by Dean Spence and by Chancellor Heilman.


Students and parents voiced their questions to representatives from Academic Advising, Career Development, Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research in our “Look to Richmond and Beyond” panel discussion. Throughout the morning there were class visits, several panel discussions, and a campus tour available.


After some beautiful sunshine, it started pouring rain as we headed off to lunch in a train of umbrellas.


Lunch in the Dining Hall is always a highlight of the day. We hear nothing but praise for the variety and quality of our dining options! Always be sure to leave some room so you can visit the dessert bar.


After lunch, visitors assembled in the University Forum, outside the Dining Hall and Gottwald Center for the Sciences, to head off on tours of various facilities or to attend some further informational sessions. Another campus tour was also offered for those who weren’t able to tour in the morning. The day ended for most visitors around 4 or 4:30.

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