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You may or may not have heard the news, but Richmond is undergoing some really exciting construction right now. This is particularly noticeable if you come for a visit, since Brunet Memorial Hall, home to the Office of Admission, is nearly surrounded by construction! I ran outside with a camera today to get some snapshots of the progress.

Check out Hoongle!

Richmond students are helping change the world every day. If you browse our website and take a look at the profiles you find, you’ll see many examples of alumni effecting change at local, regional, state, national, and international levels – whether as teachers or researchers, professional athletes or astronauts, community organizers or politicians. But students certainly don’t wait to graduate to begin making their mark. More than two-thirds of our students are involved in community service every year, engaging at every level from the metro Richmond area to volunteer work abroad.

Accepted Student Events

Well, our first Realize Richmond day for accepted students was a great success! We had nearly 90 students and their families on campus yesterday, and despite some mixed weather (the day couldn’t seem to decide whether it wanted to be beautiful and sunny or pouring rain) we saw a lot of very excited potential Spiders. (See pictures below!) Those of you who attended, please do share your feedback with us – we are always looking to improve.

Class of 2013 Map

Meet the Class of 2013! Geographically, that is. We’ve designed a Google Map to give you a sense of just where our students are coming from. We’ll be updating it throughout the month of April as more students enroll, so be sure to check back in. And admitted students who enroll should be sure to find their new spider!