Monthly Archives: February 2009

The reading time of year

Well, my posts have not been as frequent recently. And that’s because we’re in the thick of reading season here. My colleagues and I are sequestered away in our offices, busily and thoroughly making our way through the 2009 applicant pool, reading and second-reading every application we’ve received, and preparing for the admission committee. We pride ourselves on the holistic and personal nature of our review process, but to accomplish this requires a great deal of time, effort, and focus on our part.

Reminder – Financial Aid Deadline

The title pretty much says it all. February 15 is the deadline to file the FAFSA to the federal processor and to complete our Financial Aid Supplemental Application – so make sure you’re getting those forms filled out! If you want more details about the need-based aid process at Richmond, see the website or read my recent blog posts on the subject. It’s not too late to apply, and I highly encourage it.