Spider Football on ESPN2 tonight!!

By Maria

I know Tom has posted quite a bit regarding tonight’s Spider Football game already; but I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer!

Having attended a high school with a less than stellar football team and then attending a college without a team (we like to joke that we’re undefeated!), I was slow to pick up on the powerful allure of the game. However, having worked at Richmond since 2005 and bearing witness to some pretty spectacular games, I can now say that I am true convert. Despite never attending Richmond, I consider myself a loyal Spider fan.

I, as well as dozens of Richmond alumni and area fans, will be crowding a local sports bar to cheer on our Richmond Spider Football team to victory tonight. I have every confidence that our team will bring home the FCS National Championship trophy tonight!! So be sure to watch us on ESPN2… and look out for Connor McMahan, a Student Admission Representative and football star!


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