Which application is best??

By Tom

If you’re planning to apply this fall, you probably know that we accept two different applications: the Common Application and the Richmond Web Application. Perhaps you’ve already started work on one or the other. But if you haven’t, you may be wondering which you should use, and whether we have any preference. In fact, we get a lot of questions about this latter point.

Which application you use is really a matter of whatever is most convenient for you. If you’re applying to a number of schools that accept the Common App, it’s probably easier for you to use the Common App. Just make sure you complete the Richmond Supplement, which pretty much gives you our own essay prompt… The Richmond Question (best when pronounced in a deep, ominous voice). If you’re not applying to other universities that take the Common App, then it’s probably easiest for you to apply using the Richmond Web App, where you have everything in one place and you don’t have to worry about supplements or anything like that.

The Common App does give you the option to submit a paper application, which some students prefer. The Richmond Web App, as the name implies, is to be completed strictly online. A significant majority of students these days are submitting their applications electronically, though a few still prefer the paper application (I was one of those myself).

I’ve met some students who think that maybe, if they apply using the Richmond Web App, that might show us they’re especially interested, since they took the time to use our own application. I can honestly tell you, as an admission officer, that we have absolutely no preference between the two. In fact, when I’m reading applications, I generally don’t notice whether I’m reading a Common App or a Richmond Web App. They’re pretty much identical to one another. It really is a matter of your own convenience, and what is easiest for you.

If you’re a senior in our database, you may have started receiving e-mails encouraging you to apply through the Richmond Web App. We encourage this application in our general blanket e-mails because it’s our own and has everything in the same spot (rather than going into the complications of explaining both apps, which this post has taken so much space to do). If you have already started the Common Application, or you plan to apply with the Common App, don’t let these e-mails phase you – just take them as a reminder to get that Common App done and submitted!

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    Wow~ this is my very first time to see that U Richmond has such a cool admission blog. I really like it. I am the person who receive the Richmond email and being encouraged to create the account on the Richmond Web.( I created the account><) Anyway,I just come and support this blog b/c I found really useful for applicants like me!

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