Navigating your path to success – in college and life

By Jenny Pedraza

Career Development Center

Guest Blogger

So you’re at the point where college is right around the corner. You’re thinking of roommates, classes, new friendships, professors and moving away from home. I’m sure you’re also planning your first visit to the university’s career center. No?

Stop the presses – you’re thinking: “I haven’t even started college and you want me to think about grad school or getting a job?”

Well, yes in some ways. Here at the University of Richmond, the Career Development Center (CDC for short) is a wonderful resource for you throughout your college career – you should drop by for a visit your first year here.

CDC advisers, in addition to being a really fun bunch of people, can help you:

  • explore your interests and abilities;
  • choose a major;
  • connect with internships and research opportunities
  • investigate graduate and professional school options;
  • and help you land your first job

    At the CDC, our goal is to partner with you to explore your passions, navigate challenges, and achieve your success. And we don’t mess around – 95 percent of 2007’s graduates found their pathways to success, whether that be graduate or professional school, a dream first job, a research or internship opportunity or an international experience.

    And better yet, we’re getting ready to move to a brand new facility on the third floor of the Tyler Haynes Commons. Now you have no excuse not to drop in.

    For more information, call us at 289-8547 or visit

    Meg McCall, a rhetoric and communication studies junior, experiences Spanish culture in the form of miniature sandwiches called “montaditos.” Meg spent five weeks in Spain this summer studying Spanish as part of her foreign language minor. She decided to study abroad after talking with her CDC advisor about how an international experience can give her a “leg-up” when she begins her job search.

    Laura Musser, a leadership and international studies senior, works with children at the Amelio School in Cambodia through the non-profit, Caring for Cambodia.

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