New Student Orientation – a preview

By Christina Moore

Senior Associate Chair, Westhampton College Orientation

Guest Blogger


My name is Christina, and I am a rising senior at the University of Richmond. This summer I am interning at the Office of Admission, and as part of my college experience, I have also been part of Orientation Leadership. I loved my Orientation experience as a first-year student. It was a great way for me to get to know my fellow Spiders!

At the University of Richmond, New Student Orientation is held for five days before classes start. This year, it will begin on Wednesday, August 20! New students move onto campus during the day, and that evening you have the President’s Welcome. Picture yourself being welcomed onto the University of Richmond campus by 80 students excitedly jumping and yelling while you walk into the Robins Center to be officially welcomed by the President.

The very first night, all the new students meet their Orientation group, which is made up of ten women from one hall, ten men from another hall, and two Orientation Advisors (OAs). The OAs are upperclassmen who love UR and want to share their enthusiasm with you – they went through a competitive application process the year before. Having this Orientation group helps you meet other new students and those on your hall while learning more about UR. Orientation is a lot of fun and people get really close to their group or their hall.

This is a picture of my Orientation group, when I was an OA, before our Vegas Night

Throughout the week, you participate in many different activities – a campus tour, meeting with your advisor to go over your schedule, your entire class participating in Playfair, a fun themed night like Vegas or 80s, a Lip Sync show, and getting to know your Orientation group and other UR Spiders through group meals. While you are starting the college experience, your family has the opportunity to participate in separate Orientation activities for the first two days.

I love Orientation, which is why I continue to help out with it. I hope you’re getting excited about your future Orientation experience! 🙂

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