RSS Feeds and Blogiversaries…

By Tom

Are you a regular reader of our blog? A frequent reader? An occasional reader? A new reader who wants to keep abreast of the admissions process at Richmond? Would you like an easy way to check in and see when new posts have gone up? Then this entry is for you.

We’re coming up on our one-year blog anniversary (blogiversary?), and we’ve received over 20,000 page hits during the last year. Hopefully that means people are finding this blog helpful! Maria and I have really enjoyed giving you the inside scoop on our office, the admission process, and what’s going on around campus – and we’re looking forward to another year of blogging.

To help make it easier for you to check in regularly, I wanted to share a bit about RSS Feeds. Some of you already know all about RSS, while others (like myself) are probably fairly new to it.

The basic idea is that you can “subscribe” to a blog or newsfeed through your Internet browser. Whenever your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) is open, you’ll have a quick shortcut to the most recent posts, much like saving a webpage under “favorites” (except it updates itself regularly).

The key icon to look for with RSS Feeds looks like this:

You’ll see it on websites and blogs, but you’ll also notice it on your browser, whenever you’re at a site that supports RSS. If you use Firefox, it appears next to the web address bar (look up there right now – you should see it). If you use Internet Explorer, it appears to the right of your tabs, over by the Home and Print buttons (you should also be able to see it there now).

By clicking on that button and following the directions provided by your browser, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. (For our site, there are two feeds – the regular feed for blog entries and the “comments” feed, which keeps you updated whenever anybody posts comments on one of our entries. I’d recommend just subscribing to the regular feed.) In Firefox, the RSS Feeds will appear as dropdown menus in your Bookmarks Toolbar. In Internet Explorer, they’ll appear under your favorites (star) menu. You can click in at any time and see the most recent posts!

In Firefox, this is what things look like:

Another, less tech-savvy option would be to simply bookmark our web address,, and add it to your favorites. This won’t give you a menu of the most recent entries, but it will take you directly to our homepage.

RSS feeds work with any website that supports them, so I hope this knowledge also helps you stay updated with other websites of interest to you. But I certainly hope you’ll be subscribing to our blog as well! Hope to see you back with our next entry!

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