The month of waiting…

By Maria

April brings many mixed emotions to the lives of admission officers at Richmond. First, we’re delighted to have had such a wonderful applicant pool—one filled with talented and deserving young people who continue to awe us. This year proved to be a remarkable one for our office. We achieved many firsts, including the largest applicant pool in history and a very competitive acceptance rate.

We hope that our admitted students have fallen in love with the University of Richmond and are as excited about us as we are about them. We look forward to your response and hope to greet you on campus this coming August!

While all of this is cause for celebration there remains this simple truth: there were many more students that we would have loved to admit. Honestly, we could fill many more classes with the strong group of individuals we met this year. April is that time of year when our size works against us, and we’re limited in the number of students we can accept.

For those students who received wait list decisions, please know that a wait list decision is not a negative decision. Members of the admission committee felt that you have talents to offer this campus and would make a fine addition to our community. It is a reflection of our applicant pool’s size and competitiveness rather than a reflection of weakness on your part. If you are interested in remaining on the wait list, please contact our office to reserve your spot. Once we hear from our admitted students, we will have a better understanding of whether or not we will be able to offer admission to any wait listed students. Over the past five years, we have offered admission to 30-50 men and 20-80 women from the wait list. If you have questions regarding your particular decision, you may contact our office and speak with an admission officer. We are happy to go over your application and our decision with you.

We wish you the best of luck in making what will be a very exciting decision.

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