Early Decision Letters

By Maria

Early Decision letters are in the mail! Commence stalking your mailbox.

I’m sure many of you are anxiety-filled balls of energy as you await decision letters. For some of you, the wait will extend from now until April 1; but for those select few who applied Early Decision to the University of Richmond, your wait is almost over. That probably doesn’t assuage your anxiety though.

I don’t know about you, but having information or insight into a process helps me calm down. So, in the spirit of openness, I thought I’d share a bit about the ED process at Richmond. I know you may think this is a little late in coming but remember that we have an E2 option (January 15).

Decision Explanations
Having been an Early Decision applicant, I know the excitement you feel about “the perfect school.” As an Assistant Director, I try to be sensitive to that when speaking with families and/or reading applications. In fact, I can honestly say that our entire office takes our job very seriously. We know that we’re charged with making (oftentimes) life altering decisions for people. And, we try to make the best decision possible. That being said, let me explain a bit about the three decisions we make in ED.

1) Accept: This is pretty self-explanatory. We believe you will be a great addition to our campus community. We were impressed with something in your application: perhaps the rigor of your high school curriculum, an outstanding essay or passionate involvement in an extracurricular activity. It could be any number of things that caught our attention, but a couple of things remain constant. First, your academic preparation makes you a great match for Richmond’s rigorous academic environment. Secondly, you have done well on the SAT or ACT and demonstrated that you’ve retained the knowledge you learned in high school and know how to apply it to new problems. And, lastly, you are able to articulate yourself in a well-written essay. Congratulations!
2) Defer: This is not the end of the world. Take a moment to regroup and relax. A student’s application for Early Decision admission may be deferred to our regular decision pool for a couple of reasons. This is the perfect time for you to speak with your guidance counselor, parents, and admission officer. There may be something you can do to make your application more competitive in the regular decision pool. We are always happy to talk with you or your guidance counselor.
3) Deny: Sometimes the best decision for a student is to deny their application. We deny applications when we feel there is nothing the student can do to improve their chances of being admitted to Richmond. We want to give you the opportunity to get excited about other schools. In the future, if Richmond is still your first choice, you can always consider transferring. Again, we’re always happy to talk to you, your family, or guidance counselor.

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