Spider Diaries are live!

By Tom

After much anticipation, our Spider Diaries project is finally up and running again. We’ve been down for several months doing maintenance work (transferring everything over to a new blogging program), but the transition is now complete, and the entries our students have been writing since the start of the semester are available for your perusal.

If you’re not familiar with Spider Diaries, let me fill you in. Each year we have a number of current students blog about their experiences at UR. The diaries give you, prospective students, a window into life as a Richmond student – from the ordinary, everyday events to the highlights of a semester. It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know the University a little bit better, to gain a more in-depth perspective on life here, and to follow students through each semester as they begin their first year, come back for their second, or spend time studying abroad.

This semester, we have six wonderful students blogging for you. Some of you may remember Tajh and Jordan, who are now in their sophomore year. Joining them are three new first-year students – Kristen, Ben, and Grant – as well as Shannon, a junior who is studying abroad in France. But I won’t say any more, because you should really head on over to their blogs and let them introduce themselves. You can find Spider Diaries through a link on the right-hand side of our admissions homepage, or right here:


Happy reading!

In other news, my travel season has officially come to an end – I returned last week from my final recruiting trip of the year. Although I had a wonderful time visiting high schools and meeting students in several different regions of the country, it is good to be back in the office now. Some of my colleagues will remain on the road for another week or two, but everyone will be back by November 15, our first Early Decision deadline, when we’ll begin reviewing applications. More to come on that process, I promise!

Upcoming dates for seniors to remember are, of course, the November 15 Early Decision deadline, as well as the December 15 scholarship deadline. If you’re not familiar with our scholarship programs, you can find out more here. Any application we receive before December 15 will automatically be considered for all of our merit scholarships (no additional application required), so keep that in mind as you work on your apps! Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about applying.

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