The Campus Visit: Friend or Foe?

By Maria

Have you visited campus yet?

Juniors and Seniors: You may want to begin thinking about a visit to campus. A campus visit is one of the best ways to discover a university or college. By coming to campus, you’re able to interact with current students, listen to an information session, take a walking tour of campus, eat in the dining hall and interact with faculty! Each of these experiences will illustrate different dimensions of the university and help you to determine if Richmond is the right fit.

In order to make the most of your campus visit, you need to start planning ahead. Be apart of the process—don’t just let mom and dad schedule everything for you! Begin to think about majors that could be of interest to you, activities that you’d like to participate in during college, the surrounding area (urban, rural or suburban), campus size, financial aid, etc. You should come to campus with basic knowledge of the university; and, the visit should augment what you’ve learned by talking to friends or reading the internet.

But, how can you make a campus visit successful? There are lots of things to keep in mind when planning your visit and during your time on campus. Here are just a few things you may want to think about:

-Visit the college website to determine when their sessions are held. Many colleges hold information sessions and tours during the week but may not offer sessions on Saturday or Sunday.
-Call the Admission Office to schedule your visit. This will help the university plan for your arrival and you’ll be able to ask questions about hotels, restaurants and traffic conditions in the area.
-Make a list of questions that are important to you. What are your deal breakers? If you write them down, you’re less likely to forget to ask!
-Build enough time into your schedule so that you can visit a class, eat in the dining hall or walk around campus on your own. Trying to visit more than two colleges in one day is often unrealistic and can lead to hurried visits and less memorable experiences.
-Pack a camera! Pictures taken while on campus can help you to remember your favorite experiences and can capture key places like a first-year residence hall, a classroom, and the exercise facilities.
-Venture off campus. The surrounding area is just as important as the campus itself. Will you have access to a city? A quaint downtown? Shopping malls? Do you feel safe off campus?

The University of Richmond offers many different visitation experiences. Check out our many options at By planning ahead, you’re likely to choose the program that fits your needs and to be prepared for an exciting campus visit.

Post a comment! Share some of your campus visit experiences. What helped you? What didn’t?

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