Travel Season

By Tom

Hello prospective students!

You may be wondering why we disappeared and haven’t posted in a few weeks. The answer, in short, is that travel season has begun.

The months of September, October, and November put all of the counselors in our office on the road for six to eight weeks (on and off), visiting high schools and college fairs around the country and, for some of my colleagues, around the world. We each travel in our own region, and it is a great opportunity to see high schools, connect with guidance counselors, and most importantly meet lots of wonderful students. So far, I am finding it to be very busy (at times bordering on chaotic), but also enjoyable and very rewarding.

It certainly makes for a hectic season. My first trip was to the Philadelphia area two weeks ago; I returned from that, had three days in the office, and then hit the road again for Pittsburgh. Now I’m in West Virginia. I’ll be back in the office on Friday, and I’ll leave on Tuesday for Michigan.

My colleagues are all over the place too, in and out of the office as much as I am. It’s lucky when we catch each other at work, because that doesn’t happen too frequently. Just before I left for my first trip, Maria and I realized that our time in the office won’t overlap again until November 1st – so we’ll go about two months without seeing each other!

Of course, this is a busy time for all of you seniors, too, as you make some final college visits and start to work on and submit your applications. Our office just started processing the first few applications we’ve received, putting them into our system and getting them ready for review (but that won’t happen until mid-November, and application season is only just beginning). We’ll fill you in a little more on how it all works in a later entry.

Well, it’s back to the road for me now. I’ve been writing this post from a Panera Bread over lunch (free wi-fi!), and now there are more schools to go visit and a college fair to attend this evening. Perhaps I’ll see some of you soon!

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  1. tomrnicholas
    Posted November 19, 2007 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    I planned all of my own travel – it mainly involved setting up appointments with high schools, registering for college fairs, scheduling interviews, etc. Not too much time to see the sights. But it is a beautiful part of the country!

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