First-year move-in day

By Maria


Welcome First-Year Students!
The campus is alive again! Today is one of the busiest days on campus as Richmond prepares to welcome a new class. Beginning with many hours of preparation and setup yesterday, the campus was ready to greet over 800 new students bright and early this morning. First-year students flooded campus with cars, campers, U-Hauls, suitcases and knickknacks. And, in true Richmond fashion, faculty, staff and upperclassman were there to usher in each family with big smiles and lots of ready hands.

Check out the cars!  Luckily upperclassman are on hand to direct traffic and help families find their residence halls.

First year move-in day is one of my favorite moments on campus. Today marks the beginning of four years of new experiences, lasting friendships and dynamic classroom discussions for the hundreds of students calling Richmond home. It is also the day that I officially meet many of the students I helped to admit to UR. It really is a full circle day.

Unpacking, reorganizing and settling in… with all of this practice, these ladies will be ready for whatever comes their way!

Moving into college can be exciting, scary, stressful and energizing. As I walked around campus, I saw families and students lugging overstuffed bags from packed cars, hanging pictures on newly painted walls, writing messages to future hall mates on fresh dry erase boards and snapping last minute photos. Ever present were faculty, staff and student volunteers who graciously gave of their time to help families locate residence halls, unpack cars and haul suitcases to third floor rooms. Richmond really is a strong community—when someone needs help, we’re all there.

Orientation Advisors are on hand to help two parents unload the car.  Hey, where’s their son in all of this?!

The next couple of days will provide first-year students with tons of opportunities to meet one another, get acclimated on campus and to settle in. Orientation Advisors, Resident Assistants and many other individuals will be on hand to help with this exciting transition. I can’t wait to see how this year’s class will help to shape the University of Richmond.

Ready, Set, Go!! A family prepares to move into Dennis Hall.  Does anyone have an iron?

Two families begin the daunting task of putting everything away and setting up their room.  They look like a couple of pros! *Ice cold water*  Thanks to the guys that man our hydration stations, students and families can stay cool no matter how many trips to and from the car they make.


  1. Karen
    Posted September 11, 2007 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Thanks for all the great photos…looks like a really great place!

  2. mariacedeno
    Posted September 11, 2007 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    Richmond is an amazing place! If you’ve never been to campus before, scheduling a visit with the Admission Office is a great way to get started. Also, talking to current students through our Spider Diaries page and/or emailing students through our link is a great way to catch up on student life.
    Good luck with your college search!

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